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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 8, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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coming up, a sunday day around the bay area. an accident leaves a toddler hospitalized. and is it fair? guidelines surrounding cats get tighter -- cabs and tighter. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it is wednesday, december 8. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. if you are outside at all today you probably dealt with its, a net around of wet weather. that meant bringing out -- another round of wet weather. that meant bringing out umbrellas.
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the rain came down steadily in oakland. it was raining as well in san francisco, the south bay, and the santa cruz mountains. it is also stirring up the surf. it has been a rainy season that has been slow and steady so far could it has been good for ponds and reservoirs. maureen naylor has this report. >> reporter: opening the gates to the 2800-acre cattle ranch reveals an encouraging sight. green grass is beginning to go. >> as long as we get one week of sunshine and more rain we will be good. it is a good start. >> reporter: they will continue to feed the cows hay until more grass grows and they say significant rain brought relief after several years of drought. >> everybody's cattle was much bigger going into sale from the
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when to sow the year before. that was just that green grass. >> reporter: it is also helping the bay area's water supply. reservoirs are 10% above average. the district can now capture runoff. >> in the mountains it has been average could we are starting to see runoff into our reservoirs. >> reporter: like most reservoirs in the area, this one is about half full. >> it started early. it is not getting things flooding. we live -- or my dad lives on the river. he frequently gets flooded. >> reporter: january through march is the wettest period.
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>> this is exactly what bill martin told us to be ready for appeared he is here now on the latest. >> morning commute and afternoon commutes both getting wet. live stormtracker 2 has the life radar sweep -- live radar sweep. if you go to, you can check out the traffic in these areas and a -- and very, very slow. i will see you back unique and. >> bell, thank you. many cab drivers are up in arms. some little -- but only race against the clock. jana katsuyama is here to explain the system and what can
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be done. >> reporter: they say the new proposal could hurt their bottom line and possibly make it difficult to catch a cab at sfo. in the rain, cabs came to pick up passengers at the san francisco international airport but it is a little bit like playing the lottery. a long trip can bring in hundreds of dollars of cash and a short trip is only $13 to $15. >> if you make $10 as opposed to 40 or $50. >> reporter: that is why they started a short trip program in 2002 which allowed cabdrivers to jump to the front of the line. >> it allowed cabdrivers who made local trips to jump to the front of the line. >> reporter: they see that some cabdrivers cheat the system going as far to san francisco,
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>> to make a 30-mile trip. >> this is a safety issue for us. >> reporter: cabdrivers agreed. >> they take a risk with the passengers. >> reporter: they are proposing an alternative minimum cap pair of $17 but some say that would be unfair. >> it will be different. a minimum fair would be a good thing. >> reporter: many cab drivers say they will not come back. >> if they change it, i will never come back. >> is clear to me that the airport will be's start of -- be starved of cabs. >> reporter: they want to adopt
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a system similar to new york that is based on distance and they hoped to negotiate a compromise. a toddler is in serious condition tonight after falling into a fountain at the regency hotel in san francisco. there is surveillance video showing the 18 month -year-old child wandering away from his mother and sister. a hotel employee found him unconscious in an indoor fountain. >> the while it's probably 2- foot tall. if a small child were to lean in and ball and they would be behind the wall of water. >> the child is being treated at an undisclosed hospital and police have not released a surveillance video which they are still reviewing. the family of a three-month
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boy who was killed in foster care asking questions tonight. the uncle and aunt said they were in the process of getting custody of him but their case was put in the back burner when their social worker went on vacation. the child will be buried on saturday. a volunteer in santa rosa is being treated for major burns after a candlemaking project went wrong. it happened at the elementary school on jennings avenue. the 61-year-old woman was preparing wax for students to make candles when the wax caught fire. a teacher who saw what was happening rushed over to put out the flames. there were no children in a classroom at the time. >> they had already evacuated
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all the students from the school. >> she was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. berkeley police are looking for a masked gunman who robbed mcdonald's around 5:30. the gunman hit one worker in the head with a pistol and forced him to hand over cash. he ordered the worker and three others into a walk-in refrigerator. he left in such a hurry that he left a trail of money on the ground. antioch police are meeting with city leaders to combat a recent surge in crime. two homicides and two shootings have happened in the past two days. it comes as budget cuts force to police positions vacant. they are paying overtime to others to maintain a 24 hour presence on the street. within the last half hour the house of representatives narrowed the measure known as the dream act which would legalize undocumented residents brought to the u.s. as
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children. >> these are people that we need for the future of america. they are fighters. they never give up. they are determined to be part of this great nation. >> it would allow undocumented students to apply for residency that came to the u.s. when they were 15 or younger and graduated from high school. the houseboat was 216-198. it will move to the senate as early as tomorrow. at right now they do not seem to have the 60 votes needed to move forward. the white house pushed hard today. vice president joe biden met with democrats and lobby for the tax package. the agreement would extend expiring bush era tax rates for all taxpayers for two years, reduce payroll taxes, and
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extend long-term jobless benefits be many object to the deal and republicans are praising it. the tax compromise triggered a selloff in the bond market today. they manage to edge higher by the close of the session. the nasdaq rose by 10-point. wikileaks is grabbing headlines and criticism from around the world and now berkeley may be diving head-on into the controversy. they wanted to leave the army private a hero. if approved, it would require the release of private bradley manning. they have already approved the resolution, although divided. >> i do not support making a hero out of badly manning. i do not -- bradley manning. i do not know who was harmed by these wikileaks. >> he did an act of conscious and a heroic thing and should be thanked for it. >> the resolution will be going
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before the berkeley city council next tuesday. the number of mountain lion sightings this year is way up compared to last year. there have been 35 sightings this year, more than double the amount in 2009. they all overlap with large tracts in the foothills. they say the spike in sightings doesn't necessarily mean they are more big cats warming around. many turned out to be bobcats, dogs, and house cats. hundreds of students are shivering in their classrooms. coming up, how one districts money-saving solution has turned into a teeth chattering problem. a video tribute to commemorate the anniversary of the death of john lennon.
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>> and it's a people lined up in san francisco this morning to get some help at the homeless connect event. there is now in events twice a month supported by businesses, volunteers, and organizations. it was started four years ago. today those in need were able to get free medical and dental services that they would not be able to get without project connect. >> i do not have the right medical coverage. it would cost too much. this is why i have to come. >> the mayor says project connect shows even in hard economic times, if someone comes up with a good idea, people and organizations will
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step forward to contribute. before taking office, jerry brown is rolling up his sleeves. today he hosted a town hall forum and as jim vargas reports, he wants lawmakers to agree on the facts. >> reporter: governor elect jerry brown says the state is projected to have a $28 billion budget deficit over the next 1.5 years. officials showed up to hear him try to bring some basic understanding about the state's financial mix. >> it is hard to come to any agreement if there's no consensus about what the underlying facts are. >> reporter: the state has borrowed, and tax revenues have grown and budget shortfalls are expected every year for the next five years. state services cannot take more cuts. >> we have to have a discussion about revenue to help us define
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what california's going to be about. >> reporter: there was one elected official present today. >> if we keep effective dialogue, they may be a glimmer of hope. >> reporter: californians do not want to pay more taxes but do not want services cut either. jerry brown has promised no tax increases without public approval. >> we cannot keep going on the way we have paid it is getting worse. therefore people will have to overcome their ideological ideas. >> reporter: the fax on -- the facts on the table so everybody knows what they are talking about. an animal shelter is trying to find out why someone would bring a cat ears. workers at the animal rescue foundation have been caring for the cat that they received last
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night. the ears may have to be removed because of severe burns but she can still hear. beverly hills police are calling the killing of a hollywood publicist a random act of violence did ronnie chase was found shot to death on november 20th. state police said harold smith was trying to rob her. last week he killed himself as police arrived at his apartment to question him. 30 years ago today john lennon was shot and killed. december 8, 1980, a mentally disturbed fan gunned down landing landing outside of his -- gunned him down outside of his apartment building.
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lenin said that he had wanted to put together a band and go on the road with a concert tour. tonight frustrated parents, teachers, and children are meeting with school officials to try to keep their school from closing. >> lake elementary and san pablo is set to close because of budget shortfalls. they will decide where to send the 450 students last fall. last year they kicked in $300,000 now those funds are gone. oakland schools are dealing with a big problem that is leaving lots of children in the cold. it is the lack of heat that has been going on now and as jade hernandez reports, the district is still uncertain as to when the speeds we will return. >> reporter: this fifth grade teacher is frustrated paid teachers do not know how long
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they or their students will have to go without heat in their classroom. >> this has been going on for several weeks. at the height there was over 60 schools in the districts that did not have heat. they thought that the heat was on even though we reported that it was off. there is evidently a central monitoring system that says our boiler is odd that no heat is going to the classrooms. we have reported that problem everyday. >> reporter: be district turned it off during the thanksgiving holiday break and be cost saving measure was supposed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars but these two technicians could not turn the heat back on it for various reasons. it has got students, teachers, and faculty without heat. parents are upset. >> there's not enough money. this is a ridiculous thing to
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cut back on. they have to fix this when the kids help is involved. >> last week it was warmer outside than in the classrooms. >> reporter: the district only has five key technicians, half the number that they had last year. >> this is a cost-saving measure which made sense on paper. it is actually a flawed plan in the context of our current facility situation. the santa cisco board of supervisors will meet tomorrow in an effort to reach an agreement on whether the city should host the 2013 america's cup. it could generate up to $1 billion for the city. sp1 will have to raise money from donors. they will have to decide where to host the event if san francisco is chosen. possible sites include at&t park or fisherman's wharf.
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the head coach of the women's swim team at uc berkeley is now the first women's head coach of the usa olympic team. teri mckeever will lead the squad. her most famous student is olympic star natalie cochran. a santa sighting here in the bay area. coming up, big digs including a celebrity known worldwide. whether could be giving away too warm weather in the 70s. bill martin will be here to tell us when things are going to warm up.
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>> street was made today was the first commercial spacecraft to orbit the earth roared into the sky. the company hopes to use the rockets to carry cargo and astronauts. chief meteorologist bill martin is here to tell us about what you started telling us about yesterday. >> what did i tell you? >> rain today and changes
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coming. >> traffic has been an issue in the south bay. you see the showers winding down. up to the current time you can see things winding down. right now in san jose a showers are still falling. mostly light, a half inch to a quarter inch. scattered showers tonight and maybe tomorrow morning. there goes the systems sliding through. a sprinkle possible in the forecast tomorrow but tomorrow will be a very different day than today. today we really had rain from  the get go. warmer for the weekend. temperatures in the 70s.
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it may be the warmest, nice this weekend we have had in some time. the computer model puts the showers south. you will see the showers winding down tonight. here we go into the late hours tonight. and in the morning commute, nothing really. i am keeping it in the forecast because in this blue area there may be some sprinkles. for the most part, most of it is gone. be prepared for a sprinkle, but i would not fret the morning and afternoon commute. it would be nothing like that tomorrow. daytime highs in the low 60s in morgan hill. for the five-day forecast, it breaks out like this. we have a nice productive fall of rain. a nice weekend ahead.
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>> bill, thank you. this morning, a bus dropped off some of santa's elves at a target store. each album raised at least $5000 the biggest elf was fabio, as you see there. >> thanks for watching. tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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